Academic Areas: Museums, Migrants and Social Justice; Heritage and Development; International Heritage; 

Museums, Immigrants and Social Justice is the topic of my latest research. Museums are possibly some of the most overlooked resources that have the potential to reduce inequalities within and outside of the cultural domains for disfranchised individuals. Little comprehensive and interdisciplinary research has been carried out on recent programs by museums that offer language learning courses as well as employment and volunteering opportunities. Indeed, most existing research focuses on programmes offered by museums that represent and interpret immigrants’ histories, heritage and identities.  For the first time, this research now considers, in a holistic and comprehensive manner, the programmes developed by museums to address cultural, economic, social and political inequalities that immigrants face. This research is based on in-depth case studies in three European countries (Denmark, England and France), to identify how these programmes contribute to   social justice, their shortcomings, and their patterns of immigrants’ exclusion.

Heritage and Development is a topic I became involved in after winning the 2008 Cultural Policy Research Award. This award financed my research on evaluating the socio-economic impacts of selected regenerated heritage sites in Europe. An update and revised French version of this book has been published under the title ‘L’impact de la culture. Évaluation des impacts socio-économiques de projets de régénération culturelle en Europe’ in 2016 by L’Harmattan.

I have also co-edited (with Professor Logan) a Routledge volume on Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability. This volume, released at the end of 2015, contain some of the papers presented at the conferences on Historic Urban Landscapes, organised in collaboration with the Centre for Heritage at the University of Kent, Stanford University and Cergy-Pontoise University.  In addition, I have worked on this topic for both UNESCO and the World Bank.

International heritage was the subject of my 2013 book. Entitled UNESCO, Cultural Heritage, and Outstanding Universal Value (AltaMira, 2013; released in paperback in 2015), this book analyses the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention and 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention, as well as how these conventions relate to the representation of the nation, diversity, tourism and conservation theories. This volume benefited from active involvement in the work of the secretariat of the World Heritage Convention, of the Intangible Heritage Convention and in major UNESCO publications for over past ten years.